ABC Travel FAQs


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions you would like to ask us, please either call us on 0118 969 69 69 or email us on

How do I Book a Minibus?

 Online Bookings for Minibus Transfers

You can book your next minibus transfer either online, by telephone or by email. We will provide a quote based on the journey, number of passengers and the amount of luggage you are carrying.

How do we pay for the services?

 Payment Methods

There are payment options of paying the driver cash at the end of each journey or upfront using a credit/debit card. Please note there maybe a surcharge on card payments. Please let us know which payment method is most suitable for you.

Which Minibus is suitable for us?

 Choosing the vehicle

When choosing a vehicle, please note the number of passengers travelling, wheelchairs and luggage. If you are not sure which vehicle is suitable, we will help you select the most suitable Minibus.

I would like to cancel my booking

 Booking Cancellations

We will require at least 24 Hours notice before you cancel any bookings. Please note customers are responsible for the full fare of the journey for short notices on cancelling a booking.

Smoking, Eating & Drinking on Minibuses

 No Smoking Policy

There is strictly a No Smoking policy on ALL our vehicles. This includes eating and drinking on some vehicles. Please inform us if Children will need a snack on long journeys.

How do I find my driver at the Airport?

 Meet & Greet at Airports

Our drivers will either call or send a SMS message after your flight has landed. The driver will agree a suitable meeting point inside the Arrivals lounge where you will be meeting your driver.

Our Flight is Delayed?

 Flight Delays and Charges

ABC Travel will monitor your flight for delays. If you flight is delayed, we will not charge for the time the flight is delayed. Our drivers will monitor your flight and arrive at the Airport arrivals lounge after you have landed.

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