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Next time you are planning a trip with family or friends, ABC Travel minibus hire will provide the convenience and affordability you are seeking. Whether traveling in Reading, Wokingham, to Airports or to London or Berkshire there is the option of booking a minibus with a driver.

Maximize Your Productivity

Cheaper way to transport large groups rather than using several different vehicles and designated drivers.

Get transported directly from door to door, instead of having to change trains or buses and then walking or using taxis. A minibus or coach allows a large group to travel together and sit together in private, which allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable journey.

There are different specifications of vehicles to suit each budget from Standard Minibuses, Executive Minibuses and Luxury VIP Minibuses. We also have the same specifications in our Coach vehicles.

There are many reasons to enjoy traveling by coach, whether it’s not having to pay attention to driving a vehicle and being able to enjoy the countryside or to read your favorite book or getting some work done whilst on the road.

For visitors to London, one of the options is to hire a minibus between a group of friends. What better way to explore a new city than hiring a minibus or coach in London and spending a day or a week enjoying the attractions and tourist hot spots.

With ABC Travel Minibuses a group can travel whenever they like, stress free and no more checking timetables and running to catch trains.

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ABC Travel offer a convenient and cost-effective service for Minibus Transfers to Airports, Seaports, Events, Tours, Hospitals, Local and Long transfers. The Fleets includes 16 Seater minibuses with a Trailer.

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